Eva Sauer, born in Florence in 1973, lives and works in Düsseldorf and Florence.
In her work she combines photography with text and sculpture. The main theme is the diverse, often subtle application of violence and existential fears and losses.


Beyond the visible #Ships

Photography, text


The presentation consists of a series of photographs showing different views of the Mediterranean Sea as seen from the shore. The images resemble postcards sent from a vacation; a metaphor evoking well-being, leisure and contact with nature. Reality presents us with a far more disturbing scenario. If we examine the images closely we find a script extending downward from the upper side of the postcards moving seaward, into the image.  This script records the coordinates either of sunken ships or of the harbours and piers where those ships were loaded and where they departed from. Beginning in the nineteen-eighties and continuing through the millennium many cargo ships vanished into the sea with no visible signs of the reason for their sinkage.

Beyond the visible #ships



A project by Eva Sauer and Sarah Sajn

Installation, wood, photo prints, prefabricated lettering on glass, text


Through a reflection on the Partisan Memorial in Mostar by the visionary architect Bogdan Bogdanović, Hysteresis focuses of the gap between the attempt to build an ideal space of dialogue, remembrance, inclusion in Mostar and the real events occurring in that particular site since the sixties.