Installation, video by Ciboideale

HOPE is a permanent installation visible at night. A path marked with phosphorescent paint on the Path of Hope or Pass of Death, a road historically taken to avoid the border controls between Italy and France. The path ends at a wall of barbed wire at the border between the two nations. The video documents in an intimate way the compressed world built by the migrants on the rocks of Ventimiglia after the border between Italy and France was closed to hinder the flow of migration. At the same time the artistic intervention of a phosphorescent map visible in the dark on the Sentiero della Speranza was documented.

Andrea d‘Amore

Andrea D’Amore graduated in Literature in Florence, at the same time he gained experiences in cooking sessions and art. His practice today fuses concepts of dialogue, sharing, hospitality, cooking and convivio. He works and lives in Livorno, Italy.