Ma è di tutti!


Sculpture, exhibition views, photography, making of

For Les pieds dans le plat (2017, literally: to put one’s foot in one’s mouth), a footprint of the Luxleaks whistleblower Antoine Deltour was burned onto a Villeroy & Boch ceramic plate in a special blue pigment named Vieux Luxembourg (Old Luxembourg). Colour also holds a strong symbolic meaning in Ma è di tutti! (2019), which is based on the fact that Carrara is also the centre of Italian anarchism, and the diagonally divided black and red flag is one of the historic cockades of the anarcho-syndicalist movement. Here, it was painted onto the steel hydraulic cushions before they are used to split the huge blocks of marble from the mountain. The traces of reality on the symbolic object after its use visualise – like an artistic readymade – the dominant and violent hierarchical relationship between profit and nature or man. Angelika Stepken