Mosi ke o ne...



Mosi ke o ne… focusses erasure and deals with the question if it is possible to restore what has been lost, essentially questioning if it is possible to reverse time. Can lost knowledge be reclaimed? Can time be reversed? Is it necessary to reverse time? The video connects a recovery of a lost history to the recovery of a personal self. The digging up of bones, treasures and a restorative fire. The video taps into a well established visual archive of using a book to mean knowledge and fire to mean destruction.

Lerato Shadi

Lerato Shadi, born in Mahikeng, South Africa in 1979 , lives and works in Berlin. She studied Art at the University of Johannesburg. Her practice investigates the politics of the body, the female body, the body of the South African-black woman. In her work, Lerato Shadi deals with themes of institutional violence, patriarchal and colonial strategies of exclusion and erasure, and resistance through subjective narratives. She works with various media such as drawing, performance and video.

Mosi ke o ne