African Diaspora Cinema Festival

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Founded in 2013 by Fide Dayo, ADCF’s vision is to raise awareness about African cinema, its vast potentials and the socio-economic impact it has not only on African economies but also gradually expanding to other parts of the world’s economy as well. Our aim is to use cinema to create a revolution that will change the social and economic horizon of Africa. “Stop Human Trafficking” is the theme of the African Diaspora Cinema Festival, a theme that draws on the principle that being African is a bond that goes beyond geography, birth or lineage since people of African origin are spread across the globe and Africa is also the proud home to many non-Africans. Africa has been able to capture the world’s attention through its ancient cultural heritage. With films it will have the power to connect people from around the world.
Film is a powerful platform that is able to attract and engage people in constructive activity as well as providing enjoyment, enlivening spaces, and enriching lives. Film and art can lead to a better understanding and foster communication between peoples of diverse culture. ADCF is rising from the ashes in a difficult moment in which the corpses of thousands of Africans flow like water in the Mediterranean Sea. At a time of racial intolerance, at a time when people are not only rebelling about the lack of jobs, but also about equal opportunity and equality before the law. Also at a time when our stories are not being heard nor told in public spaces.

ADCF Nominations 2019

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