Davide Tidoni is an Italian artist and researcher in the field of sound and listening. He is interested in the relational dimension of listening and the uses of sound in everyday life. With a particular emphasis on observation, action and participation, he realizes a variety of works that include site specific interventions, live performances and audio projects.


The New Shape of Public Architecture

Radiophonic piece
Produced by Radio Papesse and Villa Romana as part of Compagni di Viaggio for Toscanaincontemporanea

Radio Papesse, an independent online radio station focusing on contemporary art, has been running for several years from its offices at Villa Romana. It accompanies the programme of exhibitions and events with interviews, live streaming and debates.


In The New Shape of Public Architecture Davide Tidoni investigates the urban voids generated by the construction site at the new Maggio Fiorentino Opera House in Florence. It was born out of the desire to get closer to the residues and spatial voids that the construction site of the Nuovo Teatro del Maggio Musicale has produced in the city of Florence. The attempt is to make explicit the informative richness of the context and show the contradictions linked to the realization of the architectural project through the documentation and subsequent studio reconstruction of a series of listening strategies and recording techniques developed during the exploration and frequentation of the site. Nuovi Paesaggi | Racconti sonori dalla Toscana has been a radio art project and an artist residency programme for the production of five sound portraits of Tuscany, five stories conceived and produced for radio broadcasting that recount a territory and its human geography.