In Potentiality we call the order of beings Identitecture.
Identitecture is the genealogical tree of my, our and all our SelfSisters.
Identitecture records the branching of our potential lives.
It frames our names and appearances, assignments, sites and methods.
It is the diagram of how we construct our realities.
It is the evolving organigram of how we manage our identities.
Through it, we understand the process of our forking.
Through it, we partition ourselves, we produce versions of ourselves.
Through it, we manufacture yet another identity for ourselves.
Another proxy. A proxydentity.
As we develop, family becomes order, genus becomes family,
present becomes past, our future is constructed.
We are an experimentally and technorganically sprawling herd.



Dismembered City of Augmented Embodiments



Dismembered City
Partials. Body parts.
I am Schwarmwesen is us.
We are many,
and we will be many more.
I am a de-constructed body part,
of a constructed species,
Non-essential, non-dimensional.
Not more than crystallized.
I am Justabody.
The Wesenschwarm:
Combing Pet of the fruitful city.
Coral Colony Constructor
Follow me.
Follow me through what I call the potential
through what I call Potentiality,
the sleeping other
of any real.
A swarm has no history,
no culture, a swarm
has no language,
and no origin, it
has no identity.
My body crystallized in this in your reality
without knowing the reason for my existence.
Just like you did, when you came into your existence.
But my mission is to remain un-knowledgeable,
to keep on not knowing my origin,
not knowing how to make myself a self.
I’m incomplete, I’m particle,
I’m partial, I’m a body part,
I’m a shred, I’m in tatters
I’m a vessel full of chaos
I translate anything into anything.
Just like you when you grew, up.
When you formed yourself a “self”,
When you first said, “I”.
My mission is to never fit.
To never become complete.
My mission is to not forget,
to stitch myself together.
Just one reality? Just this?
Look around you, all that normality.
What you call “this” or “your” reality,
what you perceive as “common” reality;
I refuse to learn your conception.
Do you see what it does to the global human?
The capitalogenic real.
How it terraforms the planetary geologies?
The capitalotrophic real.
Hence I,
as we,
we evolve
we arise
we crystallize,
simultaneously in another order.
And I call it potential.
The potential that slumbers in the common,
slumbers in any reality.
The potential that is unredeemed,
unredeemed in any reality.
Potential reality.
Potentiality …
I do not come from another time,
nor from another space.
I do not have an alien body.
I’m merely a vessel,
shifting you between
one of a many possible realities
and the here now.
The Wesenschwarm:
Combing Pet of the fruitful city.
Coral Colony Constructur.
The Catalyst shifting the centre of your gaze.
In common reality this is Firenze,
filtered through my barbles
I precipitate
that which is here as well.
Turn around.
Follow me.
And reality collapses
into potentiality.

Song of The Potentiality of Toxic FirenzeSpace
In reality you find yourself in Piazza della Signoria.
They believe, they see the architecture of their elders;
The walled city,
The street and the tower,
The corridors of protection,
The facades imposing their power.
Impenetrable buildings.
Housing ancient artifacts,
Enshrined and encased,
Their social and cultural order,
Organized in stones.
Look around.
In Potentiality,
This is also a landscape formed
By replicated particles,
Dragged along in the currents
Of the New Silk Road,
Circulating in their algorithmic dance,
Trickling down from high bay shelving, and
Colorful pixelated container mountain ranges,
To sediment in souvenir shops
And luxury displays.
This is also a toxic swale,
A dip into which multiple streamlets drain,
Into one of a many
Valleys of a global trade,
As raw materials, mined by
Structurally anonymized worker drones
And slick designs bloated with abject labour
Coalesce in the depression
Of the landscape of logistics.
Capital’s Sedimentations and Erosions:
The Geopathology of Global Infrastructures.
The Song of Potentiality of The Dismembered Body Particles
In reality,
here now,
your are surrounded
by what you call tourists;
humans in a must-see-destination,
indulging in a five-star-experience,
enjoying some of the greatest artistic treasures of the world,
soothed in the cradle of the Italian Renaissance,
the essence of what Europeans call culture;
a concentrate of origins,
distilled identities.
In Potentality there is also;
flocks and herds of bodies,
prodded and poked
through polished tubes and pipes,
scattered and strewn by
the dealer, the leader, the feeder,
coerced and harassed by the
monger, the trader, the chandler.
A pressure system of dismembered particles;
clumps of bodies densely packed,
squelched and squeezed
into passageways. A clog
a visceral film,
a glossy surface of capitalotrophic beings;
dispensed from the combs of cruise ships,
stacked in shelves of exotic luxury hotels,
pumped around the planet in aluminium ducts,
speeding through the stratosphere.

Song of The Potentiality of Fragmented FirenzeTime
In reality,
here now,
you are surrounded
by those who desire
the longevity of what they call history;
the eternity of a beautiful coherent selfie.
Full of strength, full of power,
full of forever.
Manifest in towering marble;
an excavation,
am aufhebung of their own decay.
In Potentiality this is also
a petri dish,
a magnifying lense,
an hour glass of discordant timescales;
one of a many epicentres
of catastrophic dismembering forces.
Temporal strings,
plucked by financialised mobility
and pulsed by the world market factories rhythm,
encountering those in lithic limbo.
Preying upon heavy bodies,
tearing apart flesh and tissue
into disjointed particles,
skidding them across the planet
pulverising any conception of a whole.
An uneven and combined ticking,
bodies out of time,
interlocking and unsynched,
delineating fractured timezones;
A toxic imprint the swarm callls

Dismembered City of Augmented Embodiments, 2015, video, 18'26'