Opher Thomson is a writer, photographer and filmmaker. His work concerns notions of home and the significance of place and landscape, often exploring the marginal spaces that give clues to our contemporary condition. The first feature film The New Wild: Life in the Abandoned Lands premiered at various international festivals in 2017 and is now being distributed theatrically throughout Italy by Tucker film.



Running time: 30′
Original format: HD Video 16:9
Projection Format: HD File/DCP, Stereo
Directors: Alessandra Cianelli and Opher Thomson
Subject and Screenplay: Alessandra Cianelli
Photography, Editing, Sound: Opher Thomson
Voice: Alessandra Cianelli
Produced by: Opher Thomson and Alessandra Cianelli
Country of origin: Italy


Eighty years have passed since the monumental exhibition of Elsewhere was inaugurated and then quickly closed again in Naples. A lifetime. The discovery of a family letter launches a journey to find the missing grandfather who disappeared overseas that same year in that same war, setting out from the overgrown ruins and remains of the exhibition complex — archives hidden in plain sight. An exploration of wonder and longing, and of the cultural formation and persistence of western colonial thought.

ALL'ALDILA'DIQUA, 2020, trailer