Rana Javadi, born in 1953, works and lives in Tehran. A self-taught photographer, she went to London in 1975 to study English. Upon her return to Iran in 1977 Javadi started documentary photography. Her records of the events of the revolution that broke out in 1978 has been exhibited and published widely since then.
Javadi has worked as the Director of Photo and Pictorial Studies, Cultural Research Bureau from 1989. She was a member of the founding group, and director of Akskhane Shahr, the first museum of photography founded in Tehran in 1997. She is also editor of the Aksnameh (a quarterly journal of photography) created in 1998.


Why do you take pictures?

Conversation, photography


Why Do You Take Pictures?

A conversation between Rana Javadi (guest artist at Villa Romana 2010), Angelika Stepken, Christoph Westermeier (artist) and Stefano Vannucci (author)


Photography in Iran in the aftermath of war



Photography in Iran in the aftermath of war

A conversation between Rana Javadi and Davood Madadpoor about her recent decade of artistic practice as well as the Iranian photography scene.