Zineb Andress Arraki grew up in Casablanca before pursuing her architectural studies first in Marseille, then in Paris. Since 2008 – with the help of her cell phone – she has posted photographs every day, telling a story. This unique approach “captures the often pale and monotonous everyday existence in the 21st century. This testimony is inspired by the writer Georges Pérec’s project L’Infra-ordinaire (Infra-ordinary), in terms of its grid structure, Oulipian constraints, and observation of ordinary life.”



Italia 2015_Villa Romana

The music is a collaboration with sound designer Mehdi El kindi and a tribute to Now or Never by Rachid Taha.


#mobilogyquestioningtheusual is a daily experience using social media. Zineb Andress Arraki has been posting a triptych every day since 2008 as if she is telling a story in three pictures. This approach is intended to the question of the usual, the trivial, the everyday, to incite curiosity, taking as reference the literary work of Georges Perec: l’infraordinaire. Mobilogy Questioning The Usual, Italia 2015 comes after her artist residency @villaromanaflorenz at Florence.

mobilogyquestioningtheusual, 2015, video, 4'52"