Over her fifteen years of practice, Zineb Sedira has enriched the debate around the concepts of modernism, modernity and its manifestations in an inclusive way. Preserving and transmitting memories of the past in order to leave a legacy for the future has often been at the core of Sedira’s work. She is the founder of aria, an artist residency in Algiers; the residency program supports the development of the contemporary art scene in Algeria through international cross-cultural exchange and collaboration.


Making Algiers Visible A. R. I. A.

First published in: On One Side of the Same Water. Artistic Practices between Tirana and Tangier, Hatje Cantz, Ostfildern, 2012

Making Algiers Visible: A. R. I. A.

The following interview took place through e-mail correspondence with Yasmina Reaggad (curator) and Zineb Sedira (artist) on their new residency project in Algiers and was conducted by Angelika Stepken.