Ghost 54


Installation, audio interview

Ghost 54 was created in the framework of the artistic research and exchange project Seeds For Future Memories, a cooperation between the artist residencies Thread in Sinthian, Senegal and Villa Romana in Florence, Italy, in 2018.

black mediterranean, migration, africa

Aliou "Badou" Diack

Aliou Badou Diack, born in Sidi Bougou, Mbour, SN in 1987, studied at the Ecole Nationale des Arts (ENA) in Dakar. His visual universe is inhabited by hybrid beings in a process of constant metamorphosis. Nature, being a co-producer in his artistic practice, assumes the role of the unpredictable for dynamic transformations in his works. With references to oral traditions his works comment on human and non-human relations.

Aliou_Badou_Diack, Ghost 54, 2018, installation view, Freiraum in der Box, Berlin; photo: Victoria Tomaschko

Ghost 54