Handpicked Wrecks

2011 - 2013


This series is a photographic etude on invading spaces and how uncanny harmonies can emerge from unusual combinations. It often happens that something ordinary – or even ugly, like an abandoned wreck – is aesthetically unappealing at first glance, although when we look at it from a wider perspective, our view may change. Wrecks mark and sublimate fragments of abandoned suburban visions. They point to the dysfunction of a chaotic society.

photography, object, memory, algeria

Ramzy Zahoual

Ramzy Zahoual, born in 1984, is an Algerian photographer, based in Morocco. His works focus on memories and the ephemeral in suburban spaces. He explores the topographies of human-altered landscapes and captures the traces of what has disappeared, of remains of the people who inhabited a space in the past. In 2017 his work has been part of the Deuxième Biennale des Photographes du Monde Arabe Contemporain.

Handpicked Wrecks