Installation, video by ciboideale and Martino Chiti

Hope is a permanent installation visible at night. A path marked with phosphorescent paint on the “Path of Hope” or “Pass of Death”, a road historically taken to avoid the border controls between Italy and France. The path ends at a wall of barbed wire at the border between the two nations. Hope was installed in the summer of 2015, in the days when hundreds of migrants settled on the rocky beach of Ventimiglia to protest against the block in the flow of migrants at the French border of Menton. A video documents the installation and the world built by the migrants settled on the rocks, the place where the protesters and Andrea d’Amore met to discuss the installation in progress on the path.

Hope is the result of a collaboration by Andrea d’Amore and Martino Chiti. Martino Chiti, born in Livorno in 1976, is a photographer, director and video designer. He studied film at the University of Florence and moved to Madrid where he attended a three-year master’s degree in photography. He creates documentaries and reportages collaborating with institutions and associations involved in health and educational projects. He founded Proforma Videodesign, a multimedia agency creating installations and virtual scenographies for events, theater, museum and brands. He further has been founding the Miranda Project working on installations of photographic blow-ups in urban contexts, both for marketing campaigns and as an artistic instrument of free expression. He constantly studies  the relationship between society and the individual, in continuous search for new experimentation.

camp, border, refugees, migration, italy

Andrea d‘Amore

Andrea d’Amore was born in Livorno and currently lives nomadic. He graduated in Literature and Philosophy at the University of Florence. Parallel to his studies, he began experimenting with different ways of cooking and making art. By means of fusing experiences of dialogue, sharing, hospitality, cooking and conviviality his practice today aims to create atmospheres.