List of Deaths


Performance, reading

Twenty-four volunteer readers took turns reading from the List of Deaths over a period of 8 hours. The reading took place on 07 September 2019 at the Villa Romana Open Studios in Florence, Italy.

Since 1993 United Against Racism has been monitoring the effects of Europe’s restrictive and deadly border policies. Part of their work has been to create the List of Deaths. It documents all refugees, asylum seekers and undocumented migrants who have died either through their attempts to enter Europe, through deportation procedures or in response to the often dire conditions at detention centres within Europe.

mediterranean, sea, border, refugees, migration

Rajkamal Kahlon

Rajkamal Kahlon is a Berlin-based American artist. She recuperates drawing and painting as sites of aesthetic and political resistance. The lingering spectra of colonialism and the aesthetics of ethnography are continually brought into focus through her use of strategies of interruption and collage. Drawing on history, archives and literature, Kahlon’s research submits archival resources to a process of creative transformation resulting in sensual, humorous, formally rigorous artworks that address the reclamation of humanity for racialized, gendered and indigenous communities targeted for destruction.

List of Deaths