On the way in Florence: How to get out of the archive?



Perhaps the question is not just a question of research but rather a question of activating and conveying history – a question of how we represent history. I.S./E.G.

architecture, cityscape, monument, renaissance, florence, europe

Erik Göngrich

Erik Göngrich was born in 1966 and lives and works in Berlin. As an artist, architect, cook and publisher, he negotiates urban policy issues. In his performances, architectures, sculptures, installations, publications, walks, drawings and photographs, he reflects on the use and transformation of urban space and takes a sculptural look at the informal qualities of the public sphere. His explorative art is born out of discursive experiences. The found spatial and social situations become the starting point of a collaborative process lasting several years, in which a work of art specific to time, user and place is developed. He is a passionate repairer of modernity and an active archivist of the transformations of urban practice.

On the way in Florence: How to get out of the archive?