Study Sheets



Aglaia Konrad’s architectural views document the appropriation of space and the construction of social formations. In Florence, Aglaia Konrad focused her attention on testimonials to modern 20th-century architecture, which was markedly influenced by architects such as Giovanni Michelucci (1891 – 1990) and his students. The following pages are from Konrad’s Florentine Studienblätter (study sheets), comprised in the artist’s image archive containing an enormous trove of urban views from all around the world.

Published in the exhibition catalogue Villa Romana 1905 – 2013. The Artists’s House in Florence, edited by Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland GmbH, Deutschland, Bonn, 2014

Aglaia_Konrad, Studienblätter, photographic series, 2011/13

Study Sheets