Spatial Poetry

2012 ongoing

Sculpture, exhibition, interview

Spatial Poetry gives form to a poetic narrative in which the automatic writing of her mixed-drawing handwriting is juxtaposed with sculptures made of fabric and hand-sewn carpet fragments. The latter are anthropomorphic creatures whose anatomical anomalies, such as the impairment and proliferation of limbs or the specular doubling of bodies, become the fulcrum of dynamic trajectories when they take a position in space, alongside animal and plant forms, suspended or staked to the ground. The seams become the means by which to retain inside and at the same time exhibit the indefinable memory of a loss, scars but also primary signs of the alphabet, at the origins of a concrete writing that becomes one with sculpture.

Invitation Spatial Poetry – Text and Textile, Lottozero, Prato, 2018

memory, textile

Farkhondeh Shahroudi

Farkhondeh Shahroudi, born 1962 in Tehran, has been living and working in Berlin since 2001. She has constructed her artistic research through multiple expressive media – painting and sculpture, drawing, installation, video and performance – contaminated and attracted by the force of poetry.

Spatial Poetry